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oh goodness me D:


These things are AMAZING!!!
  • Mood: Optimism
Sorry for the long haitus guys
if anyone is there...

I will try my best to be active, and the upload art!
I am wanting to start doing a bunch of adoptables, from random creatures to Halloween inspired to even upcoming closed species!
I'm hoping that people will like my art ;A;
Anywho, have a wonderful day!


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Rebecca, Becky, Becca, Bec
Artist | Hobbyist
Rebecca Nicole

I've got to try and do proper, full, clean artwork ;A;
Hopefully I'll improve...

My dream job is to be a concept artist, game artist or animator!

Instagram: isupportomnom
Tegaki (MUST GO TRY!):… (@isupportmonom)


Ino by isupportomnom

I agree with BayneezOne:iconbayneezone: about Ino’s the last design, that she was cheated.


But when I think of flowers and the blooming of flowers, I think of flow and elegance. 

I feel that her outfit lacked ‘flow’, character and personal touches.

Hopefully the coloured version of the official outfit with make me think otherwise.

Ino is still beautiful though ♥
(this scribble sure isn't though, haha sorry)

Hiems Mansion: Harper by isupportomnom
Hiems Mansion: Harper

Bullet; Purple Basic Information

Name: Harper
Age: 17
DOB: 6th of December 
Height: 5'4" or 163cm 
Creature: Harper/Harpy Hybrid
Tower: Void
Notable features: Bird-like feet, Fang-likepointy teeth , feathers (wing-like) in both arms, small set of wings above les tooshtoosh

Bullet; Purple Personal Background

-perfume and nice smells
-food that doesn't wriggle around
-sunlight and darkness
-clothes and no clothes (kidding)
-finds other creatures very interesting
-feathers and fluff
-hide and seek
-small groups of people
-foul odors
-food that wriggles around
-any bird-based food
-bird eggs yo, that's the chicken's period! (will eat cake if it includes eggs, because she is oblivious to what the ingredients are, haha)
-large crowds
-arrogant, obnoxious butt-holes
-unhygienic anythings!
-being out on the spot
-having to return home and attend human schools
-having wings clipped
-being in the centre of a crowd
-being forced to speak up about something she isn't comfortable with
-To fit in with other monsters (reliability) 
-To eliminate any social anxiety that she may still carry.
-Back when she lived with her (human) father, she was viewed by others as 'weird' due to the fact that she always remained by herself, in odd, baggy clothing. The fear of being exposed as being part harpy caused Harper to develop social anxiety, which taunted her every move. However, the move the Hiems Mansion has helped manage that anxiety as she now feels mostly comfortable with the people of the Mansion (although, the can be freaky!) She tries to see the light in everything, being very open and optimistic, as a way of appreciating what she has been given (being able to leave to be with those she can relate to). Although she isn't the sharpest tool in the shed (due to lacking knowledge in the 'monster' field) she can be of some use.
So, generally, she is a happy chappy but can still find it hard to communicate.
-Harper is a Harpy/Human hybrid, born to a human father and a harpy mother (I know, kinda gross). However, these relations among humans and harpies are highly looked down upon(by Harpies, unknown about among most humans), so the birth of a hybrid is punishable. As punishment, Harper's mother was kept in the captivity of the Harpy community (not aloud to ever leave the premises) and Harper and her father were banished. Her father took them both back to his home town, where Harper was the act and live like a human, however this was quite unsuccessful. Around preteen years, Harper began to show signs of her Harpy genes, with feathers forming around her arms and lower back. (note:her feet have always been bird-like) She began to wear longer, baggy clothing in attempts to hide these traits. This led to a huge jump in social awkwardness, resulting in her being home-bound for most of her teenage life. It became very clear to both herself and her father that staying there wasn't doing her any good. They made the mutual (hard) decision the send Harper off to Hiems Mansion, where she could socialize and live with other creatures to whom would accept her.
Harper has no contact with her mother and very little with her father (slow mailing system)

Bullet; Purple Abilities

Harper largely lacks in both defense and offense. Although being part harpy, she doesn't share many traits or abilities with them.
-She is quite quick.
-Very good at hiding and staying out of vision of enemies (anyone in general)
-heightened sense of smell and hearing (smell- why she loves GOOD odors, like perfume)(hearing- she can hear at a higher pitch than humans, and can hear things from a greater distance)
-A relativity strong Jaw and Grip (similar, but not as great, as a Harpy Eagle)
Skills and strengths: 
-Quick- so good at fast passed sports, like running!
-Very good at hide and seek, both the hider and the seeker!
-She won't be the one to screw up chinese whispers!!
-Good at identifying the freshness of foods, and whether some is lying about having had a shower...
-If you find her when she's hiding, she'll most likely jump.
-strong and foul odors can be her downfall- can cause her to become unaware of what's happening (becomes very vulnerable)
-her heightened hearing can be taken advantage of by enemies, so it can hurt! Ear infections anyone?!? Same effect as above. 
-Still lacks at defense and offense.
-Not strong/weak offensively/physically
-Can be quite emotional.
-Confrontations can scare and intimidate her
-Crowds-please don't ;A;

Bullet; Purple Roleplay Information

Chatroom Availability:
-I'm on/off. I'm generally off because I lack having a large amount of time to chat.
IM Availability:
-Feel free to rp in the comments, via note or by Skype (note me if you'd like it)
I'll try to reply as soon as possible. 
Note: I live in Australia, so time zones can be quite different

Roleplay Preferences: Romance/Pairing, Gore/Torture, Casual, Fighting, Emotional/Drama, Adventure, One on One, Group RPs, Alternate Universe
I'm pretty much up for anything, as long as it isn't smutty. (note: I suck at RP)

Roleplay Sample: 
-Harper: *upon hearing footsteps coming up to her from behind, she begins to pace faster towards the exiting door, heightening her senses in fear of being attacked*
-all of a sudden a person quickly moves from behind her to right up in her face-
-Harper: *lets out a quite, high pitched squeak**she pauses, griping her book tightly, bringing it closer to her body and closer to her face, in case it is needed as self defense* H-hello there. Is there something you'd like?

This is my character, Harper, for the role-playing group :iconhiems-mansion:
I hope I got everything correct. ♥♥
MY EAR HURTS!! Like, the eardrum part(??) is painfullllllllll

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